The current layout was started in 1996. Benchwork, electrical and all tracks were completed in that year.  My narrow gauge group met for the final golden spike installation, a monument can be seen at that location depicting that occasion.  Unlike the first layout which was a point-to-point layout, this one is a loop.  The focus is Chama, New Mexico with yards extending 37'.  Departing East to Osier, Colorado and on to Dallas returning to Chama from the West.  The time period is October 17, 1937 at 4:00 pm.

The yards are contructed on 3/4" plywood sheathing while the remainder of the track is built on pine spline roadbed.  Track is code 83 handlaid on individual Mt. Albert Scale Lumber ties glued to 3/16" cork roadbed.  Switches are all handbuilt to follow the natural curve intended.  The layout is designed to be removeable in sections by building it on clear pine frame trays varying from 24" to 96" that sit on L-girders.  The island is supported on 2" x 2" legs while the perimeter is hung on the walls with 24" gussets.  Lighting is a combination of fluorescent fixtures for ambient lighting and quartz halogens for brighter task lighting to enhance each scene.  Chama yard is 53" above the floor and decends to 50" above the floor at Osier and 47" above the floor at Dallas using 4% grades that were typical of the railroad.  The future gold mine is at 58".  All locomotives have Tsunami sound decoders and operate with NCE throttles.  There are several environmental and structure sounds throughout from Miller Models to add further realism.