After building our home I completed finishing the basement where I built my first layout, a point-to-point layout, modelling the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad in On3.  The layout followed three walls with an island pulled at at each end, one for Chama and one for Pagosa Springs.  The yards were constructed using 3/4" plywood and pine spline supported the roadbed between with a 4% grade between ends.  The benchwork averaged 54" above the floor.  The track and switches were all handlaid, tracks divided into blocks for the 2 PFM sound systems.  Eventually an SDS wireless throttle was incorporated.  Most freight cars and structures were scratch-built or were modified kits.  Locomotives were all brass and painted by me.  Most of them have been relocated into the current layout.  Only fluorescent lighting was used at that time.  Backdrops were all hand painted.